This site provides databases and bioinformatics tools for glycobiology and glycomics.


12. Dec 2017: More than 10,000 PDB entries on

With last weeks PDB update reached the number of 10,000 references to PDB entries that feature carbohydrates.

22 Mar 2016: Bug fixed in GlycoFragments

Due to a bug the GlycoFragments tool did not work properly. This issue should be fixed now.
Please let us know if you observe further problems with this tool.

02 Feb 2016: New structure search option: GlycanBuilder

The GlycanBuilder tool has been implemented as a new input mode for glycan (sub-)structure search. With this tool it is possible to enter structure queries graphically using cartoon representations. While the textual substructure search option is limited to 5 residues, no such limit is present in the new search mode. There is also an option to edit the residue names in a text mode before performing the search, which enables you to add residues that are not present in GlycanBuilder, or to add wild cards such as asterisks to the residue names.


The human genome seems to encode for not more than 30,000 to 40,000 proteins. A major challenge is to understand how posttranslational events, such as glycosylation, affect the activities and functions of these proteins in health and disease. The importance of protein glycosylation is becoming widely realized through studies on protein folding, protein localization and trafficking, protein solubility, biological half-life as well as studies on cell-cell interactions. The progressing Glycomics projects will dramatically accelerate the understanding of the roles of carbohydrates in cell communication and lead to novel therapeutic approaches for treatment of human disease. The MIT's magazine of innovation (January 21 2003) has identified Glycomics as one of the top ten technologies that will change the future.

To support the upcoming Glycomics projects we focus our research activities on the development of bioinformatic tools and databases for glycobiology.

Database statistics:

  • Glycan entries: 24862
  • NMR spectra: 3432 [2322 Proton, 1110 Carbon]
  • Literature references: 20064 distinct glycan structures in 19329 publications
  • PDB references: 1680 distinct glycan structures in 10411 PDB entries
  • 3D structure models: 8023

Many of the applications have been developed with financial support of the 'Subject oriented networks' program of the German Research Council DFG.

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