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The web portal provides databases and tools to support glycobiology and glycomics research. Its main focus is on 3D structures, including 3D structure models as well as references to PDB entries that feature carbohydrates. These PDB references enable a targeted search for PDB structures with specific glycans. Such a search cannot be performed easily at the PDB itself.

NMR spectra, notation related tools, and further resources are also available.


13. May 2018: New layout of, new features

The web layout was completely refurbished to allow easier navigation for users along with a clear presentation of resources. A set of new features has been introduced as well. These include:
  • a content overview bar summarizing the information available for a glycan structure entry
  • keyword search in Glycosciences.DB
  • connecting bibliographic entries and glycan structure entries via PDB entries
See the description of new features page for a complete list.

12. Dec 2017: More than 10,000 PDB entries on

With last weeks PDB update reached the number of 10,000 references to PDB entries that feature carbohydrates.

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Database Statistics
  • Glycan entries: 25004
  • NMR spectra: 3432 [2322 1H, 1110 13C]
  • Literature references: 20162 distinct glycan structures in 19454 publications
  • PDB references: 1736 distinct glycan structures in 10724 PDB entries
  • 3D structure models: 8148
  • Conformational maps: 2585
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